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ONN Helping Ourselves $100 NanoGrants Terms & Conditions
by ONN Community Staff

One Nation News is now facilitating $100 NanoGrants! Share this on social media. If you, friends or family members are black and live in Minnesota, spread the word! We help ourselves by contributing to these grants and voting on who gets them.

1. PAY YOUR PLEDGE: Your $11 pledge payment must be paid to be on a contributors' list. Go the Pledge Payment Page to make your pledge. Only those who pledge are eligible to vote.

2. HOW TO VOTE: You will be emailed a list of 10 eligible contributors. It will include short descriptions of uses for the grants. Contributors vote by selecting two names from that list and emailing them to: info@onenationnews.com. Write 'One Nation News Helping Ourselves Vote' in the subject line, with two names in the body of the email. You will have two days after receiving the list to vote. You may vote by email, or text to 763-205-6751. For text message votes, write ONNHO VOTE and include the two names for which you're voting. You must select two names or your vote is not valid.

3. VOTING LIST: You will receive, by email, a contributors' list that includes your name. You'll receive it no later than 11 pm on the day the 10-candidate threshold is reached. So please provide an email account you use often.

4. WHEN TO VOTE: You may vote as soon as you receive the voting list -- a list of 10 contributors.

5. AGE REQUIREMENT: You must be 18 years old or older to participate.

6. AGREE TO TERMS: Hitting "submit" on the pledge page and/or the Pledge Payment Page, is an agreement to abide by these terms and conditions.

7. THRESHOLD NOT REACHED: If the 10-person threshold is not reached within 30 days of your pledge, your pledge will be returned to you on the 31st day -- with the exception of those who solely want to contribute.

8. NO VOTE: It is highly recommended that you vote for the two people to whom you wish to award the grants. If you do not vote, or if you vote for only one person, it is assumed you are choosing to allow the votes of others to decide the recipient. No votes will be accepted after midnight on the second day after you've received your voting list.

9. SELF VOTE: When you fulfill your pledge, you have two votes. You may vote ONCE for yourself.

10. NON-DISCRIMINATION: We strongly encourage that you not participate unless you are a black person living in Minnesota. While crowdfunding is open to all and we will not prevent you from participating, understand that our intent is to help members of a demographic for which there have been many financial obstacles, despite the success of a multitude of individuals. The express purpose of this is to help that demographic and not discriminate maliciously against any other groups.

11. ACTING INDIVIDUALLY: Please make your vote solely on your perceptions about individual applicants. We strongly discourage working as a group. Our goal is provide as many grants as possible to black people in the Twin Cities and for these grants to be based on the needs they make public. Working collectively to encourage a specific outcome defeats that purpose. If you have received a grant, that fact will be noted on the voting list.

12. PAYMENT: Grant recipients will each receive a check for $100 within seven (7) business days after votes are tallied. Taxes are the responsibility of the grant recipients.

13. NAME, LIKENESS AND MARKETING: Black Heart, Inc., a MN-based black-owned company, reserves the right to use your legal name, likeness and related commentary to market the funding project. Legal names are required to be eligible for a grant. A picture and video may be taken of you accepting the award.

14. TEN PERCENT ADMINISTRATIVE FEE: Black Heart Inc., shall take a ten percent (10%) administrative fee in order to market the grants, pay for PayPal (or other financial portals), postage, increased web traffic and travel to photograph and video grant recipients.

15. QUERIES: Questions may be directed via email to: info@onenationnews.com. Black Heart Inc., mailing address is 1614 Harmon Place, Suite 203, Minneapolis, MN. Telephone: 763-205-6751.

16. COMMENTS: We welcome all comments and suggestions to make this a better project for all. We are happy to improve it as best we can and we strongly encourage you tell us what works and what doesn't, so we may act on it quickly. Our goal is aid the community when and where it needs it most.



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